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Kay with neighbor, Kathy Dains, while volunteering at the Burlingame Hills Community Party

Memories of Kay Small

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A memorial service will be held on Saturday, March 23. Contact Steve for details: or (650) 777 7899 (home)

Kay's feistiness made me laugh. She made it her mission to preserve the natural beauty of The Hills. Her determination to protect our native trees from destruction was inspiring. She frequently dealt with homeowners to make sure that as many native trees were saved as possible.  She cared deeply about our community and I cared deeply about her. She will be greatly missed. -- Steve Epstein


Kay was a funny, and yes feisty doer. She didn’t just talk about things, she showed up. She did so much for the neighborhood and was always there for her neighbors. Though I’ll miss her, I’m glad she passed in peace. -- Valerie Tucker


What a loss to the world! Kay was always so warm, very funny, and such a bright personality; it was always a true pleasure to talk with her. We'll never forgot the warm welcome we would always receive from her when we first attended BHIA meetings over 25 years ago—she made us newcomers feel part of the community immediately. Our sincere condolences to Harvey and their family.  -- Susan and Daniel Dan


The day that I met Kay was at the Community Party. We were checking people in. She was a jewel. We had so much fun that day. Each time I saw Kay she was smiling and happy - such a very warm person. I will miss her so very much. -- Kathy Dains



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