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Crime prevention


Tips from the Burlingame Police Department:


Some people will leave their garage doors or front doors open while you are outside in the back. Open doors and windows are invitations to burglars. Work with your trusted neighbors to keep each other safe.

Here are some items to consider for burglary prevention:


• Keep doors and windows locked when you are not home.

• Be aware of what parts of your home are locked when you are home (is your garage door open while you are mowing your back yard?)

• Set your alarm when you leave, even on short trips during the day. Most residential burglaries happen during the day.

• Use timers on lights and radios. Make the burglars think you are home.

• Don’t ignore people knocking on your door. Many burglars knock first to determine if someone is home. If you don’t want to talk with them, don’t, but let them know you are there.

• Keep shrubs trimmed back from windows and doors. Burglars like privacy.

• When you go on vacation, stop your mail and newspaper delivery or have someone you trust pick it up.

• Ask your neighbor to use your driveway to park while you are gone.

• Secure sliding doors with a pin to lock the doors together when they are closed. This prevents the door from being lifted out of the track. Most of the burglars we catch are caught because a neighbor was paying attention and called 911 to report unusual activity.

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