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Membership renewal

Inflation-buster: after more than 10 years*, annual dues are still just $20 per year!

(* = since 2012)

More than two-thirds (68%) of members quickly and easily renew their membership online

using a credit card or bank withdrawal.

(if you would prefer to write a check, click here for details.)


Is it possible that your dues have already been paid for the year? You can click here to see if you're already on the 2023-2024 member roster.


Two easy steps to pay your dues:


For our auto-renewal option (preferred by 91% of those who join/renew online),

enter your street address in the box below, then press "Add to Cart" to be directed to PayPal:

(cancel at any time; PayPal fee waived; no PayPal account required)


For our one-time time payment option, 

enter your street address in the box below, then press "Add to Cart" to be directed to PayPal:

(no PayPal account required; $1.23 added to cover the fee that PayPal charges us. Save a 50c stamp and a trip to the mailbox!)


To pay your annual dues AND make an additional donation:

press the "donate" button to be directed to PayPal. At the PayPal site, please be sure to enter your street address.

(no PayPal account required; minimum donation, $25, which includes annual dues)  

  • The current dues year starts at our Annual Meeting in November. Not sure if you've already paid your dues? You can click here to see the member roster.

  • When you pay your dues, you will be a member until the start of our next Annual Meeting

  • There are two types of membership: "regular" members live in the unincorporated area of Burlingame Hills and "associate" members live in the City area of Burlingame Hills. The only difference is that regular members can vote at the Annual Meeting on motions, Constitution and Bylaws amendments, and election of Board officers and directors. Otherwise, both types of members receive the same member benefits.

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