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In 1959, the Burlingame Hills Improvement Association was formed "To promote and foster the interests and welfare of the property owners of the sub-division known as Burlingame Hills unincorporated area, San Mateo County, California, and to preserve and protect their rights, as well as to safeguard the rural character and natural contours of that area." In 1963, the organization incorporated as a California Mutual Benefit Non-profit Corporation. We are the official voice of Burlingame Hills homeowners when we work with local government.


Although we stay true to our mission, we acknowledge that the political boundaries between City and unincorporated areas do not take into account that half of the ~2,800 residents of Burlingame Hills live in the City and that we share roads, sewer lines, water lines, a forest, rural character, natural contours, and community pride. Therefore, we welcome and encourage membership and participation from throughout "The Hills". Let's all help to make Burlingame Hills an even better place in which to live!

Our mission

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