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Recent Accomplishments

Protecting the lives of your family and neighbors

· BHIA-sponsored Emergency Preparedness Program educates residents about how to respond in the aftermath of a disaster by sponsoring Disaster Survival Drills throughout Burlingame Hills and providing extensive emergency preparedness resources at our Community Association website, BHIA is working to equip each of our emergency preparedness neighborhoods with emergency supply caches.


· BHIA-sponsored Burlingame Hills Urgent Announcement Service alerts more than 800 residents to emergencies as they happen and offers information about keeping you and your family safe and secure.


· BHIA works collaboratively with Mercy High School to slow traffic on Adeline Drive and to strengthen and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with this unique community asset.


· BHIA works with Burlingame Police, County Public Works Department, the Sheriff, and California Highway Patrol to reduce traffic volume on Hillside Drive and to slow traffic on all of our streets.


· BHIA works with Burlingame Police and the Sheriff to reduce crime by installing license plate reading cameras so that every entrance to Burlingame Hills is monitored.

Building a sense of community and enjoyment of nature

· BHIA-sponsored Biennial Burlingame Hills Community Festival brought together hundreds of residents and their guests from 2013—2018, who spent an afternoon together for good food, beverages, many children’s activities, varied entertainment, a silent auction, and stimulating conversation with old friends and new. We took a break for Covid-19, but hope to resume this special event in the not-to-distant future.


· BHIA-sponsored Burlingame Hills Spring Neighborhood Parties bring more immediate neighbors together in the intimate setting of a neighbor’s home or yard. In 2023, BHIA organized and promoted 15 parties with typical attendance of 15-20 each.


· BHIA promotes awareness of community events, issues, and educational opportunities through its quarterly e-newsletters, e-mails, printed mailings, and its community website,


· BHIA advocates for community improvements, including the new Skyline Park. In 2016, BHIA successfully advocated to place the maximum number of Burlingame Hills homes in the Hoover Elementary attendance area.


· BHIA-sponsored Burlingame Hills Group-rate Oak Tree Treatment Program keeps more than 1,000 of our old oaks healthy by providing residents with a very low-cost group rate for the treatment that prevents sudden oak death in healthy oaks.


· BHIA brings more than 1,200 residents together on the Internet by working with to grow participation in Nextdoor Burlingame Hills, a community forum that allows residents to post announcements, get referrals for products and services, and sell tickets and household items.

Saving you money on utility fees

(in the unincorporated area)

· Burlingame Hills Improvement Association (BHIA) worked with San Mateo County Department of Public Works (DPW) to rescue Burlingame Hills Sewer Maintenance District (our sewer system) from near bankruptcy, protected homeowners from further Baykeeper litigation and expensive penalties, and worked with the County to secure a 1.5% fixed-rate State loan to  replace the most decrepit sixth of our system without a special assessment. The loan is being paid back over 30 years so that future homeowners will share the cost. In 2020, we advocated for a County loan to help fund our latest major sewer upgrade. The County then approved a $465,000 loan at 1.372% for 15 years.


· BHIA represents your interests to keep our sewer rates under control. Since 2011, our rate has had the smallest increase among all ten County sewer districts. We will continue to work to minimize future sewer rate increases and identify new  sources of financing for capital improvements.

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