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Healthy forest

Since 2011, your Community Association has sponsored an annual Oak Tree Testing Program in the spring and an annual Oak Tree Treatment Program in the fall. Our Committee also works closely with the Burlingame Hills Garden Club to inform our community about invasive, non-native plants that are killing our native trees and bushes by blocking light and draining vital nutrients and water from the soil.

In the spring, members test their bay trees for the pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death, which has killed many older oaks in The Hills. Tests kits are sent to the UC Berkeley Forest Mycology Lab for analysis. An announcement about this program is sent each spring by email to our members and results are posted by the Forest Mycology Lab each fall.


Each fall, members get a group rate for having professional arborists come to our community to treat our oaks en masse. Details are below. 

Deadline for application and payment: 
Thursday, October 28, 2021
* Past customers should contact their arborist directly

Click on the documents to the right

for details and to sign up. 

11th annual
Burlingame Hills Group-rate
Oak Tree Treatment Program

Documents updated 10/22/2021

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