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Slate of Candidates for 2023-24 BHIA Board of Directors
(All incumbents for two year terms, except as noted)

Amy Sanford, President

Amy has served on our Board since 2016 and has been President since 2021. She moved to Burlingame Hills in 2006 from the Easton addition, but she has lived in Burlingame since 1992 with her husband, Blair, and their three amazing children, Andrew, Meg & Beth. Amy and Blair are now relatively new empty nesters.

Amy’s family has a long history in the Bay Area, dating back to before the Gold Rush! You can say this is home for her and her extended family.

Amy has been very active in the Burlingame community. She taught at Lincoln School and was President of the PTA at Roosevelt School and Parent Group at Menlo School. She currently teaches at Peninsula Bridge, has her own BeautyCounter business, and serves on two other Boards in addition to BHIA.

As for hobbies, she loves to cook and can be found walking the hills daily with her two dogs, Jeff and Claude.

Michael Corbett, Treasurer

Michael has served on our Board of Directors since 2018. He is the Chief Business Officer for a pharmaceutical company and an independent Salesforce consultant. He provides technical solutions and expertise that can be used and understood at all levels of an organization. He earned a Bachelor of Computer Science degree in Artificial Intelligence from Curtin University.

Pam Shaffer, Director (non-incumbent nominee)

My family moved to Summit Dr. in Burlingame Hills in 1971, when

I was one.  I attended Hoover, Franklin, BIS, and BHS. What a great place to grow up!  My parents have just recently moved full-time to Sonoma after 52 years in the Hills!  I met my husband, Mike (also a Burlingame-raised guy) 31 years ago.  We bought our first house 30
years ago in Burlingame in the flats on Balboa.  After a couple of years and a baby number one on the way, we moved up to the Hills onto Summit, next door to my parents.  A year and a half later, we stumbled upon 134 La Mesa Dr. for sale and have been there ever since (25 years in November). 

Within three years we had three children, two girls and a boy. Burlingame Hills was the perfect spot to raise our children.  Close to my parents, Cuernavaca Park, Mills Canyon, and amazing
schools and neighbors.  


While my children were in the Burlingame schools I spent a lot of my time volunteering with the PTA and BCE. My last big school volunteer job was PTA President for BHS.  I continued volunteering by being a part of the Rotary, Sol Mateo, the board of Burlingame Park and Rec Foundation, and am currently a SPCA volunteer along with my dog, Cooper, who has become a pet-assisted therapy dog. Together we visit Burlingame senior living assisted and memory care facilities to brighten up senior’s days just a little.

Besides volunteering, I own a boutique real estate firm which originally was my mother’s.  I have worked with clients for over 18 years buying and selling homes. I love what I do! And love
my balance of work, play, and volunteer.

My kids are all in their mid-20s now and done with college.  My two girls live locally (Haley, an oncology nurse at Peninsula Hospital, and Sarah, a marketing/tech girl in SF) and my son (Ben, a mechanical engineer) lives in San Diego.  My husband, Mike, retired from Menlo Park Fire after 31 years.  Together we love to play tennis at Peninsula Tennis Club, running, pickleball, traveling, boating, and spending a good chunk of our winter in Tahoe.

You will find us walking daily with Cooper through the Hills.  It is our happy place.  We know so many of our neighbors through walking, and just years of living here and being involved in the community.

It seems fitting for me to be a part of the Burlingame Hills Board after all of these years.  The Hills is a very special place for me and my family and I would like to help where I can to create that same special sense of community for others who have lived here for many years and
for those just moving in with young families.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity and I look forward to being a part of this special group.

Jeani Delagardelle, Director

Jeani has lived in Burlingame Hills for 6 years. She is an independent healthcare technology consultant and venture capital investor. Over the past 21 years, she has served as a Director on 24 Boards including both public and private companies, spanning multiple therapeutic areas and stages of companies from startups to commercial stage. She has extensive experience with audit, finance, and recruitment. She enjoys being active on the Boards for which she serves and has a strong interest in the issues facing our community. 

Susan Dan, Director

Susan has served on our Board of Directors since 2015. Prior to her retirement, Susan was the Executive Assistant to the President of a nonprofit biomedical research organization. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in The Humanities from San Francisco State University.

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